This page lists all the sources that have gone into forming the collection to date – a modest list, indeed. The presence or absence of an item from the list is by no means an indication of merit, importance or value. Some valuable studies of Finnegans Wake are missing from the list because I had read them before starting the collection. Some items that do appear on the list have contributed exactly zero elucidations to the collection; they are still listed to note that everything of worth has already been extracted from them (and to mourn a tree dead in vain). If anything, this list is in some ways an indication of my present penchant for thinner volumes. Obviously, the lion's share of the Finnegans Wake studies corpus is absent for the simple reason that it has not yet been read into the collection. Nudge, nudge.

Slowly but surely other people join forces with me in reading books and articles into the collection, for which I am truly grateful. Accordingly, those sources that were not read by me are marked as such using the following abbreviations:

Please understand that many of the listed sources contain much information that cannot be translated into the elucidation format; that is why they are books and articles rather than just lists of notes. The presence of an item in one of the lists below should in no way imply that a serious student of Finnegans Wake is exempt from reading it on his or her own.

Since Fweet does not note the individual source for each specific elucidation, it might not be always obvious where one should look if one wishes, for whatever reason, to refer to the original source of some elucidation found in Fweet's database. To remedy this drawback of Fweet, I highly recommend to use The James Joyce Checklist, an amazing resource that lists virtually every study ever published about Joyce and his work, coupled with a capable search engine. For example, if you are intrigued by some elucidations about cricketers in Finnegans Wake and wish to read the original article(s) from which Fweet may have taken its elucidations, your best bet would be to enter The James Joyce Checklist's Search page (via the link above) and type "cricket*" (i.e. cricket followed by an asterisk) in the text-box marked "with all of the words:". You will receive a list of seven (or so) resources (articles and chapters in books), of which one looks quite promising, namely Ron Malings's "Cricketers at the Wake". A similar approach can be used to locate studies related to many other topics. If, however, The James Joyce Checklist does not offer a solution to your particular query, please remember that you can always contact me (via the "Comment on Me!" button) and I will do my best to help you.

In the book section, special mention should be made of the two volumes that formed, and still form, the core of the collection – the first two editions of McHugh's Annotations to Finnegans Wake (a third edition has already been published) – as well as of the growing number of black volumes that supply it with notebook entries and their sources – the wonderful Deane–Ferrer–Lernout Brepols edition of the Buffalo notebooks.

Books and Monographs
Author or Editor Title Year
Armand, Louis & Pilný, Ondřej (ed.)Night Joyce of a Thousand Tiers: Petr Škrabánek Studies in Finnegans Wake2002
Atherton, James S.The Books at the Wake: A Study of Literary Allusions in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake1959
Atherton, James S.The Books at the Wake: A Study of Literary Allusions in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (expanded & corrected edition)1979
Beckett, Samuel & al. (O)Our Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress1929
Begnal, Michael H.Dreamscheme: Narrative and Voice in Finnegans Wake1988
Bonheim, HelmutA Lexicon of the German in Finnegans Wake1967
Brivic, SheldonJoyce's Waking Women: An Introduction to Finnegans Wake1995
Campbell, Joseph & Robinson, Henry MortonA Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake1944
Christiani, Dounia BunisScandinavian Elements of Finnegans Wake [HR]1965
Cintra, Antonio Carlos de AraujoA Vocabulary of the Portuguese in Finnegans Wake2003
Crispi, Luca & Slote, Sam (ed.)How Joyce Wrote Finnegans Wake: A Chapter-by-Chapter Genetic Guide2007
Cumpiano, MarionSaint John of the Cross and the Dark Night of FW1983
Dalton, Jack P. & Hart, Clive (ed.)Twelve and a Tilly: Essays on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Finnegans Wake1966
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: A Reader's Guide to the Edition2001
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.102001
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.292001
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.32001
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.142002
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.252002
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.62002
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.12003
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.162003
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.332003
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.322004
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.472004
Deane, Vincent & Ferrer, Daniel & Lernout, Geert (ed.)The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo: Notebook VI.B.52004
DiBernard, BarbaraAlchemy and Finnegans Wake1980
Gibson, George CinclairWake Rites: The Ancient Irish Rituals of Finnegans Wake2005
Gordon, JohnNotes on Issy1982
Harrington, JudithJames Joyce: Suburban Tenor2005
Hart, CliveStructure and Motif in Finnegans Wake1962
Hart, Clive & Senn, Fritz (ed.)A Wake Digest1968
Jacquet, ClaudeJoyce et Rabelais: Aspects de la création verbale dans Finnegans Wake1972
Jenkins, William D.The Adventure of the Detected Detective: Sherlock Holmes in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake1998
Jolas, EugeneMan from Babel [MF]1998
Joyce, JamesCorrections of Misprints in Finnegans Wake (appended to a Viking edition of FW)1947
Lernout, GeertJames Joyce, Reader2004
Lernout, Geert (ed.)Finnegans Wake: Fifty Years (European Joyce Studies 2)1990
Litz, A. WaltonThe Art of James Joyce: Method and Design in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake1961
McCarthy, Patrick A.The Riddles of Finnegans Wake1980
McCarthy, Patrick A.Joyce, Family, Finnegans Wake2005
McHugh, RolandThe Sigla of Finnegans Wake1976
McHugh, RolandAnnotations to Finnegans Wake1980
McHugh, RolandThe Finnegans Wake Experience1981
McHugh, RolandAnnotations to Finnegans Wake (revised edition)1991
Norris, MargotThe Decentered Universe of Finnegans Wake: A Structuralist Analysis1974
O'Rourke, FranJoyce's Quotations from Aristotle, 'Allwisest Stagyrite'2005
Patell, Cyrus R.K.Joyce's Use of History in Finnegans Wake1984
Rose, DanisChapters of Coming Forth by Day1982
Rose, DanisThe Textual Diaries of James Joyce1995
Rose, Danis & O'Hanlon, JohnUnderstanding Finnegans Wake: A Guide to the Narrative of James Joyce's Masterpiece1982
Rose, ThomasineVerbi-Voco-Visual: The Presence of Bishop Berkeley in Finnegans Wake1981
Sawyer-Lauçanno, ChristopherThe World's Words: A Semiotic Reading of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake and Rabelais' Gargantua et Pantagruel1993
Schork, JoeJoyce and the Classical Tradition2004
Solomon, Margaret C.Eternal Geomater: The Sexual Universe of Finnegans Wake1969
Treip, Andrew (ed.)Finnegans Wake: Teems of Times (European Joyce Studies 4)1994
Troy, Mark L.Mummeries of Resurrection: The Cycle of Osiris in Finnegans Wake1976
Van Hulle, DirkJoyce & Beckett Discovering Dante2004
Wall, RichardAn Anglo-Irish Dialect Glossary for Joyce's Works1986

Behind this short section lie thousands of articles related to Finnegans Wake that fill the pages of these periodicals. Access to the now relatively rare A Wake Newslitter issues was made available through the highly-recommended Split Pea Press A Wake Newslitter CD-ROM.

Joycean Periodicals
Name Volumes or Numbers Years
A Finnegans Wake Circularnos. 1.2-1.4; vols. 2-4, 6-71985-1992
A Wake Newslitter,0 Old Seriesnos. 1-181962-1963
A Wake Newslitter,1 New Seriesvols. 1-171964-1980
A Wake Newslitter,2 Occasional Papersnos. 1-41982-1984
Genetic Joyce Studies (at 1-23, JJA, Lost & Found2001-2023
James Joyce Online Notes (at 1-182011-2023
James Joyce Quarterlyvols. 1-471963-2010
Joyce Studies Annualvol. 11990
Joycenotesnos. 1-31969-1969
The Analyst (see its table of contents)nos. 1-261953-1971
The James Joyce Reviewvols. 1-31957-1959

This is a preliminary section, still ridiculously short, that is more the result of contributions from Fweet users than any representation of a deliberate reading plan.

Articles in Non-Joycean Periodicals
Author Title Periodical Issue Pages
Van Hulle, DirkThe Inclusion of Paralipomena in Genetic EditionsJahrbuch für Computerphilologieno. 7, 2005 (available online)141-148
Reisman, KarlDarktongues: Fulfulde and Hausa in Finnegans WakeJournal of Modern Literaturevol. 31, no. 2, winter 200879-103
Boyle, Robert H."Flies Do Your Float": Fishing in Finnegans WakeThe American Fly Fisher †vol. 30, no. 2, spring 200413-29
Santesso, AaronDickens in Finnegans Wake [HR]The Dickensianvol. 99, pt. 2, no. 460, summer 2005122-126

† If I may, I would like to point out here that I strongly disapprove of piscicidal activities, especially those masquerading as a sport or a pastime

This is a preliminary section, still ridiculously short, that is more the result of contributions from Fweet users than any representation of a deliberate reading plan.

Portions of Books
Author Title Chapters and/or Pages Year
Callaghan, MorleyThat Summer in Paris [HR]Chapter XVII (pp. 116-123)1963
Eco, UmbertoMouse or Rat?Radical Rewriting (pp. 73-76)2003
Hayman, DavidA First-Draft Version of Finnegans WakeIntroduction and Appendix (pp. 1-45, 286-330)1963
Moholy-Nagy, L.Vision in Motion [HR]Finnegans Wake (pp. 344-352)1947
Rathjen, FriedhelmDritte Wege: Kontexte für Arno Schmidt und James JoyceThorne Smith in the Wake (pp. 79-84)2005
Reynolds, Mary T.Joyce and Dante: The Shaping Imagination [MF]Appendix, Finnegans Wake (pp. 302-326)1981
Ryf, Robert S.A New Approach to Joyce: The Portrait of the Artist as a Guidebook [HR]Chapter 8, The "Portrait" and "Finnegans Wake" (pp. 98-105)1962

This section lists 178 people and groups – Joyceans and non-Joyceans – who have contributed in various ways to the improvement of Fweet, primarily through the offering of new elucidations or the correction of existing ones. Thank you. Contributors: if you would like to add your own descriptive one-liner (along the lines already exemplified by a few brave souls below) or update an existing one (as many times as you wish), please just send me a comment.

Personal Contributions
A.G. Waltz, USAdam Gee, UK 1Adam Harvey, US 2Albert Marquez, Venezuela & Argentina 3Alex Gregoire, US 4
Alex Valenzuela V., USAlexander Thieme, DenmarkAndreas Berger, Austria 5Andrei Herzlinger, Israel 6Andrew Gibson, UK 7
Andrew Heathwaite, US 8Andrey Rene, Russia 9Anonymous 10Anthony Murray, USArye Kendi, Israel
Aston Verz, France 11Ben Carlsen, USBernadette Freeman, US 12Bernhard Rose, GermanyBill Shockley, US 13
Bloomsday in Melbourne, Australia 14Bob Dewey, USBoriana Alexandrova, UKBrendan Ward, Ireland 15Brent Hannah, Australia 16
Brett Stauffer, USBrian Hitt, USBrian Moynihan, US 17Bud Nathans, USC.E. Hoequist, US 18
Caetano W. Galindo, Brazil 19Cemal Can Özmumcu, Turkey & Germany 20Chris Eagle, BelgiumChris Potter, SwedenChristel Davies, US
Christopher Whalen, UK 21Claudia Rubinstein, IsraelClifford Marcus, UK 22Conor O'Toole, IrelandCorey Dansereau, US
Craig Wyatt, USDan Absolon, UK 23Daniel Mora, Costa Rica 24Danis Rose, IrelandDavid Atwood, Bermuda 25
David Butz, USDavid Clarke, Scotland 26David Cunningham, Scotland 27David Pringle, USDavid Stone, UK 28
Den Holden, UK 29Dennis Giszczak, USDetlev Enkler, GermanyEarle Lane, USEdward Burns, US
Eilidh Ruthven, UKElaine Mingus, US 30Eli Lassman, UKEmiliano, ArgentinaEnrico Terrinoni, Italy
Eric Arbiter, US 31Eric Rosenbloom, US 32Esther Murer, US 33Evangelos Rekleitis, GreeceFabricio Morgado, Brazil 34
Fergus Johnston, Ireland & BulgariaFinn Fordham, UKFrances Devlin-Glass, AustraliaFrank Grimes, UKFrank, US
Frederick Hindman, USFriedhelm Rathjen, Germany 35Gary Yuen, USGerry Grimes, IrelandGiacomo Seletti, Italy
Giovanna Forni, GermanyGrant Franks, USGreg Koster, US 36Harald Beck, Germany 37Harold Ryan, Canada [HR]
Helen Saunders, UK 38Ian Garvie, UKJ.B., USJ.I. Casar, MexicoJaap Stobbe, Netherlands
Jacques Bogaarts, NetherlandsJames Lion Johnson, USJarrod Baniqued, Philippines 39Jason Ciaccio, USJeffrey Rose, US 40
Jeremie Wenger, UKJerry Aulenbach, CanadaJian Wang, China 41Jim Keegan, USJoão Lourenço, Portugal 42
Joel Fleming, CanadaJoel Reisman, USJohn Farr, DenmarkJohn Gordon, USJohn Hughes, Australia 43
John Kelly, USJohn Miller, USJohn Sandbach, USJohn Simpson, UK 44Jonathas Duarte, Brazil
Juan Díaz Victoria, MexicoJudd Staley, USJudith Harrington, USJudith Marie Brennan, UKKarim Benslama, France
Karl Reisman, USKevin Gilroy, USKrzysztof Bartnicki, Poland 45Kyle Foley, US & Jordan 46Levin Magruder, US
Liam, IrelandLinus Elliott Ignatius, USLuther Wilson, USMalcolm Kelly, IrelandMalcolm Markovich, England
Marcelo Zabaloy, ArgentinaMarkus Agwin, AustriaMary Percival, UK 47Matthew Horrell, USMax Carol, US
Michael Dishler, US 48Michael Farrell, UK & Australia [MF] 49Michael Graetz, SingaporeMichael O'Kelly and JJ Institute, Ireland 50Mick Bolger, US 51
Miri Jassy, Australia 52Murat SevgilNasim, PolandNathan Perry, USNava Zvaig, Israel & US
Nicholas Wilson, UK 53Nikolaus Hirth, GermanyOrlando Mezzabotta, Italy 54Oscar Ackerman, WalesParaic McKenna, UK 55
Pete Taylor, UK 56Peter Biella, USPeter Burns, US 57Peter Chrisp, UK 58Peter Jennings, Canada 59
Peter Reichenberg, US 60Phillip Bannowsky, USR.C., USRaphael Slepon, Israel & US 61Rob Hardy, US
Robert H. Boyle, USRobert Harbison, UKRon Ewart, SwitzerlandRonan Crowley, Ireland & US 62Roy Kayouf, Israel
Ryan Hitchcock, Republic of KoreaSandy McCroskey, USSandy Tropp, USSean Wagner, USSergio Pastor, US
Simon Loekle, US 63Stefano Rosignoli, UK & Ireland 64Steve Carey, Australia 65The Thirsty Scholars, US 66Thomas Finnegan, US
Thomas Speer, US 67Tim Cotton, AustraliaTim Scott, UKTim Voogt, NetherlandsTim Wolf, US
Tobias Harris, UKUrsula Zeller, SwitzerlandVictor, SpainWalter Heenan, US 68Wes McCullough, US
William Brown, UK or USWim Van Mierlo, UK 69Yarden Eitan, Israel & UK

1 Adam Gee is a London-based TV producer who loves 'Ulysses' and is a long-term participant in the 'Wake' research seminar at Senate House, University of London
2 Adam Harvey is an actor/performance artist from the American southwest who has performed full chapters of Finnegans Wake on both sides of the big pond; he is presently in dialogue with Boston Baroque's Martin Pearlman about a possible spoken-word/musical hybrid adaptation of Joyce's final masterwork; Adam runs a James Joyce reading group in his home town of Santa Fe, New Mexico
3 Albert Marquez, abit translathor, reder, longuage leerner and polyglot, translaytes the Wake to Asspanish, in a samewhat completelly different way, mimmikin Joyce's style, in less then a yearn, despit not heaving read his peevious work at all at all, en during an eterinal 92 degrees gruel summer
4 Alex Gregoire is a Distinguished Librarian's Lackey; more details about his own library may be found here
5 Andreas Berger is from Vienna, Austria, and a recent FW reader only trying to overcome the obstacles mainly deriving from the multiple rules of English pronunciation(s)
6 Andrei Herzlinger is a retired chemical engineer and an amateur Joycean
7 Andrew Gibson has produced various books on Joyce. For 27 years he was Director of the London University Seminar for Research into 'Ulysses'. He was also Co-Founder and Co-Director of the London University Seminar for Research into 'Finnegans Wake'.
8 Andrew Heathwaite is a composer, activist, teacher, vegan, experimenter, polyhuman and metaclown, generating alternatives in collaboration with the School for Designing a Society in Urbana, Illinois
9 Andrey Rene is working on Russian translation of FW at
10 Anonymous refers to contributions appearing in my email inbox, primarily through Fweet's "Comment on Me!!" facility, without the contributor revealing his or her identity, as well as to those from contributors asking not to be identified by name here (thank you, one and all)
11 Aston Verz is a Wake cartoonist, whose few scattered pages could be seen in the Joyce Studies Annual 2014
12 Bernadette Freeman is an American artist who creates images in collage (including a portrait of Leopold Bloom), working in Santa Fe, NM
13 Bill Shockley is a US Navy (retired), software engineer and development manager (retired), intermittent Wakian, who identifies with Shem but is probably more of a Shaun
14 Bloomsday in Melbourne is, among other things, a Finnegans Wake reading group; its website is here
15 Brendan Ward is a Marathon runner from Dublin who takes part in regular readings of Joyce's works in Sweny's Chemist, where Bloom bought his lemon soap (still available) on Bloomsday
16 Brent Hannah was born in the hospital in which James Joyce died. Coincidence?
17 Brian Moynihan (BPhil, MA, MSIS, PMP, MBA, Etc.) lives close to the Haw River, and was happy to find it honored on the site; he discovered FW after the birth of his son Leo set off a series of Joycean coincidences
18 C.E. Hoequist's initials are CEH, which he shares with his father; this means something; he's sure of it
19 Caetano W. Galindo has translated all (ok, almost all) of Joyce's works to Brazilian Portuguese. His translation-in-progress of Finnegans Wake still keeps him up at nights, though...
20 Cemal Can Özmumcu is an amateur Joycean who loves experimental literature and seize the whorled in punoramic view!
21 Christopher Whalen is studying for a DPhil at Oxford University on "Palimpsesting in James Joyce"; more details may be found here
22 Clifford Marcus is a freelance Spanish/French/Italian/Russian-to-English translator; more details may be found here
23 Dan Absolon is an ESL teacher/gardener/manual labourer comforted by Finnegans Wake
24 Daniel Mora is a math student fascinated by languages, literature and the joycean labyrinths
25 David Atwood is the Director Designate for EGovernment in Bermuda
26 David Clarke was formerly a CA and university lecturer... now attempting to join the growing group of Wakean geneticists...
27 David Cunningham is a theatre lighting designer, lighting operas and plays, and a life-long Joyce freak
28 David Stone is a retired Cardiologist writing a PhD on Joyce at Kings College London
29 我是个写诗的人!
30 Elaine Mingus, who died in 2014 at the age of 87, was an independent Joyce scholar, based in Albuquerque. She published her papers on Joyce in a book, Toccatootletoo!
31 Eric Arbiter is a professional classical musician ("of the pentapolitan poleetsfurcers bassoons..." FW 565.4 Houston Symphony, actually; retired 2019), a professional photographer and Zen teacher, captivated by Mr Joyce for 44 years. His book on reed making for the bassoon, The Way of Cane, is published by Oxford University Press (2020). There are several quotes from FW in it.
32 Eric Rosenbloom wrote A Word in Your Ear and his Finnegans Wake website is here
33 Esther Murer is a former library cataloguer (German and Slavic), literary translator (Norwegian) and researcher on Biblical references in 17th-century Quaker writings (mostly Commonwealth and Restoration periods) who loves dipping into FW at random and counts it as an important influence on her poetry (at 75, she's about to publish her first collection)
34 One liner? For me?
35 Friedhelm Rathjen is a free-lance translator and lit-crit and a self-publishing Joycean; more details may be found here
36 Greg Koster, an assistant public defender in Chicago, never reads FW during office hours
37 Harald Beck and John Simpson are the editors of James Joyce Online Notes, which does not focus on FW, but has occasional references to it and a collection of links to the items in Joyce's Trieste library
38 Helen Saunders is a PhD candidate at King's College London, writing a thesis on Joyce's relationship to fashion
39 Jarrod Baniqued is an independent researcher on sabbatical at the moment. He aspires to begin the Wake one day
40 Jeffrey Rose is a lifelong reader of Joyce who has finally embarked on the journey across the Wake
41 Jian Wang is an engineer and enjoys reading FW very much
42 João Lourenço is a teenager with a wide range of interests (from the stupid rationality of mathematics to the stupid irrationality of arts); he writes in his free time (his work is still in progress), reads a lot and will probably go to the university in the next two years to study mathematics or physics
43 John Hughes, member of Melbourne Finnegans Wake Reading Group
44 John Simpson and Harald Beck are the editors of James Joyce Online Notes, which does not focus on FW, but has occasional references to it and a collection of links to the items in Joyce's Trieste library
45 Krzysztof Bartnicki translated Finnegans Wake into Polish; more details may be found here
46 Kyle Foley is passionate about the wake (as evidenced by his being one of Fweet's most active contributors to date) and would like other wakeans to contact him at
47 Mary Percival is a very late arrival at the Wake but although still in Part 1 can see it becoming a twin obsession rivalling her passion for the Commedia
48 Michael Dishler is a semiretired Acupuncturist, a longtime dedicated Joyce reader, and at present a praiser of his own past
49 Michael Farrell was born in Galway, grew up in Dublin and lives in London; he is a Reader in Addictions in Kings College London; he enjoys close reading of JJs works simply for pleasure
50 Michael O'Kelly's annotations from the JJ Institute Dublin reading group, which has been reading FW on and off for over forty years
51 Mick Bolger is the singer with the group Colcannon
52 Miri Jassy is a postgraduate researcher in the Global Irish Studies Centre at the University of New South Wales, Sydney; her PhD thesis is on the representation of the antipodes in Finnegans Wake
53 Nicholas Wilson is a composer; on the centenary of Joyce's birth on 2 Feb 1982, he accidentally spilt Jameson whiskey on his grave in Zurich
54 Orlando Mezzabotta is an actor who reads the Wake just for fun and has written (just for fun) OPFERTUERE, a finntalian multimedia version of the first chapter of the Wake
55 Paraic McKenna is an accountant originally from Dublin, currently UK-based but increasingly domiciled in FW
56 Pete Taylor reads Joyce for fun, listens to lots of music, drinks tea and makes bread
57 Peter Burns is a storyteller and stuntologist; his website used to be at
58 Peter Chrisp writes the Wake blog, From Swerve of Shore to Bend of Bay
59 Peter Jennings is a nomadic artist and inventor who has been enjoying FW since 1967; his website is here
60 Peter Reichenberg is the author of "Finnegans Wake: The Dating Game"; James Joyce Quarterly, Volume 46, Number 2, Winter 2009
61 Raphael Slepon is the person behind Fweet and behind An Ovel
62 Ronan Crowley (@Yellworque) thinks we need a new Joyce biography
63 Simon Loekle (R.I.P.) used to pen A Dazibao for the JJQ and present literary readings Saturday mornings over WBAI 99.5 FM NYC; his own website is still here
64 Stefano Rosignoli carries on research on James Joyce and Samuel Beckett in London and Dublin
65 Steve Carey wrote his doctorate on the comedy in Ulysses at Oxford University under Richard Ellmann. He is Treasurer of Bloomsday in Melbourne, Australia
66 The Thirsty Scholars is a Finnegans Wake reading group in Boston, Massachusetts
67 Thomas Speer is an amateur Joycean
68 Walter Heenan is an amateur Wake Fan and a master builder. Formerly of software. Currently piling building supra building pon the flanks of the mountains known as Kaaterskill — in a little town named Woodstock (yup, that one)
69 Wim Van Mierlo (Institute of English Studies, University of London) has published on Joyce, Yeats and Flann O'Brien; his research is in the field of Modernism, Anglo-Irish Literature and Modern Manuscript Studies

Hopefully, with time, more sections, such as mailing list archives, will appear.

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