The Trent University Electronic Text

To the best of my knowledge, the Trent University electronic text of Finnegans Wake (produced by Tim Szeliga and Donald Theall; no longer available on the university's website) is the only primary electronic text of the book. All other electronic texts on the web (including Fweet's) are based on it. Unfortunately, due to the relatively unadvanced technology available when it was originally produced, the Trent University electronic text was riddled with errors, which could not be corrected, as that website was not being actively maintained by anyone. To partially remedy this situation, in case anyone is still using that text or its derivatives, this page offers a list of all the known errors (currently more than three hundred, but there might well be more as yet unidentified ones). Needless to say, the known errors have already been corrected in Fweet's own electronic copy.

Please note that this list is based on the Faber-and-Faber and Viking editions of Finnegans Wake (and not on the uncorrected Penguin and Wordsworth editions). Where the Faber-and-Faber and Viking editions differ, I have noted which edition I am basing my recommendation on (usually because it adheres to Joyce's own corrections of misprints).

General Guidelines for the Table Below:

Note: This table does not list the hundreds of issues related to extra or missing spaces around punctuation marks (e.g. more than 150 locations where there is a spurious space before an exclamation mark), nor any issues related to incorrect line numbering or erroneous minor formatting, as these are considered of little interest to the public in general (and to me in particular).

No. Line(s) Currently Should Be Elaboration Contributed By
1004.14waswaza "z" (not an "s") (based on the Faber edition)
2006.36fiordfjorda "j" (not an "i")
3011.10-.11inon line .10 (not .11)
4013.22f t.f.t.a full stop (not a space)Alex Gregoire
5013.22DyffinarskyDyfflinarskyan "l" missing
6014.01tunesturvesan "rv" (not an "n")Wes McCullough
7014.04antanda "d" (not a "t")Alex Gregoire
8014.111132.1132no full stopAlex Gregoire
9019.30infinitiesinfinities!an exclamation mark missingAlex Gregoire
10019.32waste,wasteno comma
11020.08-.09the b of rubrickreddon line .09 (not .08)
12022.07'a forethought'a forethoughtno apostrophes (based on the Viking edition)
13022.23antanda "d" (not a "t")Alex Gregoire
14022.31of-lightningof lightninga space (not a hyphen)
15023.29horseluggarsandlisteltominehorseluggarsandlistletominean "le" (not an "el")Alex Gregoire
16024.14UsgueadbaughamUsqueadbaughama "q" (not a "g")
17025.01ilita "t" (not an "l")
18028.09It'sIt's anthe word "an" missingAlex Gregoire
19029.04(Ivoeh!)(ivoeh!)a lowercase "i" (not an uppercase "I")Alex Gregoire
20029.04the breezyon the breezythe word "on" missingAlex Gregoire
21031.28earwiggerearwigger!an exclamation mark missingWes McCullough
22034.36sodandan "an" (not a "so")Alex Gregoire
23035.35-.36presentedpresented,a comma missingAlex Gregoire
24036.01ginger,gingerno comma
25036.08'anticipationanticipationno apostrophe
26038.32MereMèrea grave accent missingAlex Gregoire
27041.02gootgooda "d" (not a "t")Alex Gregoire
28042.07firestuffosteredfirestufffosteredthree consecutive "f" (not two) (based on the Faber edition)
29044.04the exclamation markitalicisedJ.B.
30047.22the lineindentedthis line is line 047.19 in the Fweet text (i.e. "Suffoclose...")
31049.02fù.a full stop missing
32051.33pipepipe,a comma missing
33053.19the exclamation markitalicised
34053.20the exclamation markitalicised
35054.02fountfounda "d" (not a "t")
36054.06the second exclamation markitalicised
37054.22Travener'sTaverner'san "aver" (not a "rave") (based on the Faber edition)
38058.27(pardonnez!(pardonnez!)a closing parenthesis missing
40059.01halfmoonHalfmoonan uppercase "H" (not a lowercase "h")
41059.32himselfhimself.a full stop missing
42061.10II11two ones (not two uppercase "I")
43062.18incorruption-of-anincorruption of anno hyphens
44074.06-.07andon line .06 (not .07)
45076.02( pace(paceno space
47079.14firs;firsta "t" (not a semicolon)Chris Potter
48082.22knobkerries,knobkerriesno comma
49086.11-.12ThoordayThoorsdayan "s" missing
50089.27the second question markitalicised
51091.19bench.bench,a comma (not a full stop)
52093.04patchpitchan "i" (not an "a")
53093.09the lattenturn the lattenthe word "turn" missing
54093.27RasaRosaan "o" (not an "a")
55093.36tribes,tribesno comma
56094.21........... . . . . . . . . .ten spaced full stops (not ten unspaced full stops)
57094.22........... . . . . . . . .nine spaced full stops (not ten unspaced full stops)Detlev Enkler
58094.220!O!an uppercase "O" (not a zero)
59094.23the lineindented
60095.12H2CE3H2 C E3a space missing before and after the "C"
61096.12velyveryan "r" (not an "l")Kyle Foley
62096.22O O O O O O O OOOOOOOOOno spaces
64098.25kind ofkindno " of" (based on the Faber edition)
65106.10endandan "a" (not an "e")
66107.01tsisan "i" (not a "t")
67107.02aualla double "l" (not a "u")
68107.34oxhousehumper!oxhousehumper!)a closing parenthesis missingKyle Foley
69110.01the lineindented
70111.18comercorneran "rn" (not an "m")
72122.34then)then);a semicolon missing
73126.10I.1.a one (not an uppercase "I")
74130.34-.35polton line .34 (not .35)
75130.35-.36the high- of highbigpipeyon line .35 (not .36)
76131.08al'allan "l" (not an apostrophe) (I believe that Faber/Viking have a poorly-printed "l" there)
77131.09the second semicolonnot italicised
78132.36eilerdicheilerdich,a comma missing
79133.08-.09the s of Liebsterpeton line .08 (not .09)
80134.36the semicolonnot italicised
81136.36mountainmoontaenan "o" and an "e" (not a "u" and an "i") (based on the Faber edition)
82138.20bombornan "rn" (not an "m")Kyle Foley
83138.36girdgirdsan "s" missing
84139.10mommornan "rn" (not an "m")
85139.16tumturnan "rn" (not an "m")
86140.13wordworldan "l" missing
87140.28on.onno full stop
88141.13hyelp hyelfhyelp hyelpa "p" (not an "f")
89143.14of.mindmoulderedof mindmouldereda space (not a full stop)
90147.07the exclamation marknot italicised
91148.02MisiMisi,a comma missing
92150.03the colonnot italicised
94153.08the exclamation markitalicised
95153.29blague?blague,a comma (not a question mark)
96157.32lelaan "a" (not an "e")
97158.05Ipreceded by a dash
98159.09the second exclamation marknot italicised
99162.12-.13upon line .12 (not .13)
101169.23III111,three ones (not three uppercase "I") + a comma missingEric Rosenbloom
102172.11the lineindented
103173.02the question marknot italicised
104173.06comercorneran "rn" (not an "m")
106178.17the exclamation markitalicised
107183.25ladiesladies'an apostrophe missing
108184.30aàa grave accent missing
109185.14the lineindented
110185.27thcthean "e" (not a "c")
111187.13-.14nabon line .14 (not .13)
112189.20hatthata "t" missingJ.B.
113200.13the colonitalicised
114201.05endandan "a" (not an "e")
115214.05me.meno full stop
116214.18stiffstiff.a full stop missing
117215.27the second exclamation markitalicised
118222.09I'ml'ma lowercase "l" (not an uppercase "I") (although this might well be a typo in the printed editions)Bernhard Rose
119224.04-.05presenceon line .05 (not .04)
120224.05-.06fould theon line .06 (not .05)
121224.06-.07gravyon line .07 (not .06)
122225.24orOran uppercase "O" (not a lowercase "o")
123228.23cittacittàa grave accent missing
124229.13-.14Luncher Out.on line .14 (not .13)
125229.14-.15the Mer-on line .15 (not .14)
126229.15-.16Misery.on line .16 (not .15)
127229.23duftclufta "cl" (not a "d")Bernhard Rose
128232.28crowycrowy,a comma missing
129233.30alaguerre.alaguerre,a comma (not a full stop)
130238.07-.08the five italicised ffive non-italicised ſfive "long s" (not five "f")
131239.09offwithoff witha space missing
132239.25ChèrieChériean acute accent (not a grave accent)
133241.35kishisan "h" (not a "k")
134248.32-.33Blancheon line .32 (not .33)
135248.33-.34Awabegon line .33 (not .34)
136248.34-.35cipheron line .34 (not .35)
137248.35-.36naon line .35 (not .36)
138250.32she.sheno full stop
139250.36tubbledubblea "d" (not a "t")
140252.04dare.dare!an exclamation mark (not a full stop)
141253.32LucanhofLucanhof.a full stop missing
142254.10lrenewsIrenewsan uppercase "I" (not a lowercase "l")
143256.20GrandmereGrandmèrea grave accent missingBernhard Rose
144260.L07Don'tDontno apostrophe
145262.20the lineindented
146262.F08thetoan "o" (not an "he") (in footnote #7)
147263.L04quiatquiat.a full stop missing
148264.01the lineindented
149265.F06H'dH' da space missing (in footnote #3)
150266.20the lineindented
151266.L03no nonono second " no"
152267.L03calledculleda "u" (not an "a")
153268.16her-inbourneher inbournea space (not a hyphen)
154269.F03RenèeRenéean acute accent (not a grave accent) (in footnote #2)
155269.L04-.L05the three Greek wordscompletely redonevisible HTML, aberrant line break, missing alpha, missing diacritics
156271.L13crushsakecrush sakea space missing
157272.08come-batscome batsa space (not a hyphen)
158272.F01thatthat,a comma missing (in footnote #1)
159275.10bucketbuckeda "d" (not a "t")
160275.23heatheada "d" (not a "t")
161276.F01thethesean "se" missing (in footnote #1)
162276.F08meepotsimeepotsi.a full stop missing (in footnote #4)
163277.F12the linenot indented(in footnote #7)
164277.L02pickspickan "s" missingKrzysztof Bartnicki
165278.21wentwenda "d" (not a "t")
166279.F15virginityviginityno "r" (in footnote #1)
167281.04the lineindented
168281.04ledea "d" (not an "l")
169281.05plaîitplaîtno second "i"
170281.F04there'sthere's athe word "a" missing (in footnote #2)
171281.L03TwoTwosan "s" missing
172282.27ananda "d" missing
173283.F02everyeverno "y" (in footnote #1)
174283.F03Rouen,Rouenno comma (in footnote #2)
175283.L02-.L03cashelbumcashelluman "l" (not a "b")
176283.L05KyboshicksalKyboshicksal.a full stop missing
177284.F06Wadlockwadlocka lowercase "w" (not an uppercase "W") (in footnote #4)
178287.01olorumolorum!an exclamation mark missingKrzysztof Bartnicki
179287.02todoa "d" (not a "t")
180287.21romanromanaan "a" missing
181287.26fututafututa fuerethe word "fuere" missing
182288.08brood reelbrood, a reela comma and the word "a" missingKrzysztof Bartnicki
183288.F07cinnamonhuedcinnamondhueda "d" missing (in footnote #5)
184289.25AineeAinéean acute accent missing
185290.18alors!alors!,a comma missing
186290.26for'twasfor 'twasa space missing
187293.01the lineindented
188293.03teathdeatha "d" (not a "t")
189293.F01Dream countryDreamcountryno space (in footnote #1)
190295.33Lucihere !Lucihere.!a full stop (not a space)
191297.L01-.L02InflunceInfluencean "e" missing
192300.F04men-in-the-straits!men-in-the straits!a space (not a third hyphen) (in footnote #4)
193301.01bloodblood-a hyphen missing
194301.F02irish?irish!an exclamation mark (not a question mark) (in footnote #2) (based on the Faber edition)
195303.16again.againno full stopKrzysztof Bartnicki
196303.R07-.R08AND WHISTLE.on two lines (not one)
197304.04Slutningsbane.2Slutningsbane2.the superscript "2" precedes the full stop (not follows it)
198305.32tomorrow,tomorrowno comma
199305.F03MMacan "ac" missing (in footnote #3)
200307.F03Paris!Paris?a question mark (not an exclamation mark) (in footnote #3)
201307.F10Où,a comma missing (in footnote #8)
202308.F02skool,skoolno commaJ.B.
203308.R03BEEFTAY'SBEEEFTAY'Sa third "E" missing
205309.15minuteminute,a comma missing
206309.18distance gettingdistancegettingno space (based on the Faber edition)
207310.07megacyclesmegacycles,a comma missing
208310.08-.09iton line .08 (not .09)
209310.09somehowssomehows,a comma missing
210310.11founderfounder,a comma missing
211310.27in.onin ona space (not a full stop)
212318.24AlifAlif.a full stop missing
213320.01topedopea "d" (not a "t")
214322.03lrishIrishan uppercase "I" (not a lowercase "l")
215327.32-.33EiweddyngEriweddyngan "r" missing
216329.05Briganteen — GeneralBriganteen—Generalno spaces round the dash
217329.30l'Epèel'Epéean acute accent (not a grave accent)
218332.18altolàaltolà,a comma missing
219332.18the first guégué,a comma missing
220332.18the second gué!)gué!).a full stop missing
221332.21-.22eyeon line .22 (not .21)
222332.29fustfirstan "ir" (not a "u")
223334.31the linereformattedvisible HTML
224334.36oftheof thea space missing
225335.18maormaoringmaormaoring.a full stop missing
226336.29wher-owherean "e" (not a "-o")
227338.24gootgooda "d" (not a "t")
228338.26Chang-il-mengChang-li-mengan "li" (not an "il")
229338.30mommornan "rn" (not an "m")
230342.10-.11Iton line .10 (not .11)
231342.11-.12hood?on line .11 (not .12)
232342.12-.13theon line .12 (not .13)
233342.13-.14nath.on line .13 (not .14)and the end-of-line hyphen on line .13 should accordingly be deletedEric Rosenbloom
234342.14-.15the fourth luckon line .14 (not .15)before the end-of-line hyphen, naturallyEric Rosenbloom
235342.28annuysedannuysed.a full stop missing
236342.33LoudninLoundinan "nd" (not a "dn") (this line is erroneously numbered 342.34 in the Trent text) second full stop
238346.02-.03Howon line .02 (not .03)
239346.08-.10the linesreformattedvisible HTML, missing italics
240347.36Stillstilla lowercase "s" (not an uppercase "S")
241350.08feldfieldan "i" missing
242350.17I PackPackno "I " (this line is erroneously numbered 350.18 in the Trent text)Krzysztof Bartnicki
243351.16allroundall rounda space missing
244351.17tagtag.a full stop missing
245352.10messgèrmessgerno accent (I believe that Faber/Viking just have a smudge there)
246352.18the first thetoan "o" (not an "he")
247352.31homehornean "rn" (not an "m")Krzysztof Bartnicki
248352.31nonoran "r" missing
249352.34AllahAllafan "f" (not an "h")
250353.03oneOnean uppercase "O" (not a lowercase "o")
251353.26whichwhilean "le" (not a "ch")Dennis Giszczak
252354.19thcthean "e" (not a "c")Krzysztof Bartnicki
253361.07aspen;ashaspen; asha space missing
254364.27chemchem-a hyphen missing
255364.35offaoff aa space missing
256365.12dollymaukinsdollymaukins!an exclamation mark missing (based on the Faber edition)
257366.21tbethean "h" (not a "b")Krzysztof Bartnicki
258366.29offmombitionoff mombitiona space missing
259374.20buylawyerbuylawyer!an exclamation mark missing
260375.30the.fancythe fancya space (not a full stop)
261379.19yourselfyourself.a full stop missingKrzysztof Bartnicki
262385.01bambarnan "rn" (not an "m")
263390.17DeaddleconchsDeaddleconchean "e" (not an "s") (based on the Faber edition)
264398.10shouldershoulder,a comma missing
265403.07selfself-a hyphen missing
266404.11now 'twasnow'twasno space
267406.01orofan "f" (not an "r") (based on the Faber edition)
268411.10dependdepend,a comma missing
269411.11Amen;Amen,a comma (not a semicolon)
270411.35ofof Ithe word "I" missing
271413.14P.L.MP.L.M.a third full stop missing
272414.36Withwitha lowercase "w" (not an uppercase "W")
273415.25sahullsahul!an exclamation mark (not a second "l") a smaller font
275420.251O141014a zero (not an uppercase "O")
276427.22-.23ousts ofon line .22 (not .23)
277427.23-.24the pity,on line .23 (not .24)
278427.24-.25foron line .24 (not .25)
279428.01Suasusopo!Suasusupo!a "u" (not an "o")
280428.02SomoanesiaSamoanesiaan "a" (not an "o")
281428.02be forgettingbe after forgettingthe word "after" missing
282428.03chalkingchalkinno "g"
283428.05in thoughtsin your thoughtsthe word "your" missing
284428.05how deepingshow the deepingsthe word "the" missing
285432.26-.27commandments.commandmentsno full stop
286436.01tapegarters.tapegarters,a comma (not a full stop)
287438.28-.29thereinunder (on two lines)therinunder (on one line)no "e" after the "r" (and wholly on line .28) (based on the Faber edition)
288447.17ComerCorneran "rn" (not an "m")Krzysztof Bartnicki
289451.35hebea "b" (not an "h")
290453.22asanan "n" (not an "s")
291454.11wooly'swoolly'sa second "l" missing
292454.19Hairyhairya lowercase "h" (not an uppercase "H")
293456.02(sublime!)(sublime!).a full stop missing
294456.04taste oftasteno " of"
295457.23foforan "r" missing
296461.24soiedisante-chinekneessoiedisante chinekneesa space (not a hyphen),a comma (not a full stop) (based on the Penguin edition)
298480.21EmaniaEmania.a full stop missing
299481.02Changechild..............Changechild................?two full stops and a question mark missing
300481.03esasan "a" (not an "e")
301481.03earth.....................?earth......................?one full stop missing
302481.35fué fuéfué! fué!two exclamation marks missing
303483.02Ihethea lowercase "t" (not a uppercase "I")
304486.28girdle.girdle,a comma (not a full stop)
305491.19thethaan "a" (not an "e")
306491.28musclemuscle-a hyphen missing
307492.29in dryfilthy-in dry dryfilthy-the word "dry" missingEric Rosenbloom
308499.08Thuoni IThuoni!an exclamation mark (not the word "I")
309499.12BatBada "d" (not a "t")Orlando Mezzabotta
310504.01the second cran,cranno comma
311506.15kowhowan "h" (not a "k")
312508.19quaiquaint-an "nt-" missing
313508.27shallsheeshallshee,a comma missing
314510.20toldtold,a comma missing
315511.21aswasa "w" missing
316512.20reely!reelly!a second "l" missing
317513.04of.of .a space missing
318513.32themselvesthemselves,a comma missing
319514.23HeavenHeaven,a comma missing (based on the Penguin edition)Eric Rosenbloom
320517.16hackbacka "b" (not an "h")
321525.10villwilla "w" (not a "v")
322540.11adandan "n" missing
323547.06-.07Ion line .07 (not .06)
324547.07-.08loveon line .08 (not .07)
325547.08-.09lors!on line .09 (not .08)
326550.14flesh neatsfleshmeatsan "m" (not a space and an "n")
327552.05masonedmasoned,a comma missing
328552.16Welhell!!Welhell!no second exclamation mark
329559.04casementcasement.a full stop missing
330559.05wallwall.a full stop missing
331561.28ItisIt isa space missing
332561.35herselfherself.a full stop missing
333566.26the second porkego.porkego!an exclamation mark (not a full stop)
334569.21the first exclamation markitalicised
335570.34crockodeyledcrookodeyledan "o" (not a "c")
336571.10ferm.ferm,a comma (not a full stop)
337573.30the exclamation markitalicised
338575.32Jeremy DoylerJeremyDoylerno space
339576.01scabiescabie,a comma missing
340580.35aridandan "n" (not an "ri")
341588.35mistletotsmistletots,a comma missing
342594.18-.19the pub of clubpubberon line .19 (not .18)
343594.20-.21ofon line .21 (not .20)
344596.24freeflawforms; parasamafreeflawforms;parasamano space
345596.27colour; stoatterscolour;stoattersno space
346599.13even;evenno semicolon
347600.01-.02toon line .02 (not .01)
348608.29the semicolonitalicised
349609.24-610.32all the introductory colonsitalicised
350612.15sennacassiasennacassia.a full stop missing
351614.29scandaller, bescandaller,beno space
352615.01past;past,a comma (not a semicolon)
353616.23oldfirm'sold firm'sa space missing
354618.01the MacCrawlstheMacCrawlsno space
355623.03homerhorneran "rn" (not an "m")

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