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This page attempts to collect in one place as many as possible of the books (and periodicals) that James Joyce used as sources for Finnegans Wake, namely those found under the "Books" (and "Newspapers") brevities on the search engine page. Unless otherwise noted, all the files are in PDF format (i.e. require Foxit Reader, Acrobat Reader or some such to open) and were obtained primarily from the Internet Archive (with a few found at Google Books and Gallica). To the best of my knowledge, all the titles are in the public domain (at least in Canada, where Fweet is based). If you know of other source books or periodicals available in electronic format, please let me know.

General Guidelines for the Table Below:

Notes on Multi-Volume Books:

Title Open Book Run Search
—: Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters, 2nd ed., 7 vols, 1856 (also known as Annals of the Four Masters)Run Search
      volume I  [Age of the World 2242 to Age of Christ 902]Open [28.8 MB]Run Search
      volume II  [Age of Christ 903 to 1171]Open [27.7 MB]Run Search
      volume III  [Age of Christ 1172 to 1372]Open [28.5 MB]Run Search
      volume IV  [Age of Christ 1373 to 1500]Open [34.2 MB]Run Search
      volume V  [Age of Christ 1501 to 1588]Open [27.6 MB]Run Search
      volume VI  [Age of Christ 1589 to 1616]Open [28.7 MB]Run Search
      volume VII  [Indices]Open [15.8 MB]Run Search
—: Irish Rivers - No. X, The Tolka, in The Dublin University Magazine, vol. XLII, no. CCL: 391-404, October 1853Open [55.4 MB]Run Search
—: The Apocryphal New Testament, translated by Montague Rhodes James, 1924Open [48.1 MB]Run Search
—: The Catholic Encyclopedia, 16 vols, 1913Run Search
      volume I  [Aachen to Assize]Open [77.1 MB]Run Search
      volume II  [Assize to Brownr]Open [79.4 MB]Run Search
      volume III  [Brow to Clancy]Open [80.1 MB]Run Search
      volume IV  [Cland to Diocesan]Open [82.8 MB]Run Search
      volume V  [Diocese to Fathers]Open [79.3 MB]Run Search
      volume VI  [Fathers to Gregory]Open [82.9 MB]Run Search
      volume VII  [Gregory to Infallibility]Open [84.6 MB]Run Search
      volume VIII  [Infamy to Lapparent]Open [83.6 MB]Run Search
      volume IX  [Laprade to Mass]Open [88.8 MB]Run Search
      volume X  [Mass to Newman]Open [84.6 MB]Run Search
      volume XI  [New Mexico to Philip]Open [83.3 MB]Run Search
      volume XII  [Philip to Revalidation]Open [81.5 MB]Run Search
      volume XIII  [Revelation to Simon Stock]Open [101.2 MB]Run Search
      volume XIV  [Simony to Tournély]Open [81.7 MB]Run Search
      volume XV  [Tournon to Zwirner]Open [79.1 MB]Run Search
      volume XVI  [Index]Open [98.5 MB]Run Search
—: The Encyclopædia Britannica, 11th ed., 29 vols, 1910-11Run Search
      volume I  [A to Androphagi]Open [79.2 MB]Run Search
      volume II  [Andros to Austria]Open [92.8 MB]Run Search
      volume III  [Austria Lower to Bisectrix]Open [82.7 MB]Run Search
      volume IV  [Bishārīn to Calgary]Open [92.5 MB]Run Search
      volume V  [Calhoun to Chatelaine]Open [89.0 MB]Run Search
      volume VI  [Châtelet to Constantine]Open [81.6 MB]Run Search
      volume VII  [Constantine Pavlovich to Demidov]Open [78.0 MB]Run Search
      volume VIII  [Demijohn to Edward]Open [78.6 MB]Run Search
      volume IX  [Edwardes to Evangelical Association]Open [85.7 MB]Run Search
      volume X  [Evangelical Church to Francis Joseph]Open [73.7 MB]Run Search
      volume XI  [Franciscans to Gibson]Open [84.2 MB]Run Search
      volume XII  [Gichtel to Harmonium]Open [77.7 MB]Run Search
      volume XIII  [Harmony to Hurstmonceaux]Open [79.2 MB]Run Search
      volume XIV  [Husband to Italic]Open [79.2 MB]Run Search
      volume XV  [Italy to Kyshtym]Open [80.8 MB]Run Search
      volume XVI  [L to Lord Advocate]Open [85.1 MB]Run Search
      volume XVII  [Lord Chamberlain to Mecklenburg]Open [87.6 MB]Run Search
      volume XVIII  [Medal to Mumps]Open [83.3 MB]Run Search
      volume XIX  [Mun to Oddfellows]Open [86.7 MB]Run Search
      volume XX  [Ode to Payment of Members]Open [103.8 MB]Run Search
      volume XXI  [Payn to Polka]Open [85.0 MB]Run Search
      volume XXII  [Poll to Reeves]Open [85.0 MB]Run Search
      volume XXIII  [Refectory to Sainte-Beuve]Open [91.3 MB]Run Search
      volume XXIV  [Sainte-Clair Deville to Shuttle]Open [93.8 MB]Run Search
      volume XXV  [Shuválov to Subliminal Self]Open [88.4 MB]Run Search
      volume XXVI  [Submarine Mines to Tom-Tom]Open [94.1 MB]Run Search
      volume XXVII  [Tonalite to Vesuvius]Open [90.2 MB]Run Search
      volume XXVIII  [Vetch to Zymotic Diseases]Open [98.0 MB]Run Search
      volume XXIX  [Index]Open [130.8 MB]Run Search
—: The Quarterly Review, vol. 238, October 1922Open [9.8 MB]Run Search
—: The Scottish Clans and their Tartans, 12th ed., 1918Open [36.8 MB]Run Search
Ardill, Rev. John Roche: St. Patrick, A.D. 180, 1931Open [3.3 MB]Run Search
Aston, W.G.: A Grammar of the Japanese Spoken Language, 4th ed., 1888Open [11.3 MB]Run Search
Balfour, Right Hon. Arthur James: The Foundations of Belief, Being Notes Introductory to the Study of Theology, 1895Open [5.9 MB]Run Search
Bennett, Arnold: Lilian, 1922Open [3.9 MB]Run Search
Booth, General: In Darkest England and the Way Out, 1890Open [11.6 MB]Run Search
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick (Beatrice Stella Cornwallis-West): My Life and Some Letters, 1922Open [20.9 MB]Run Search
Chart, D.A.: The Story of Dublin, 1907Open [25.6 MB]Run Search
Chiniquy, Father: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional, 1880Open [23.4 MB]Run Search
Clodd, Edward: The Story of the Alphabet, rev. ed., 1915Open [12.8 MB]Run Search
Collins, James: Life in Old Dublin, 1913Open [12.4 MB]Run Search
Commelin, P.: Nouvelle Mythologie, Grecque et Romaine, 1907Open [16.7 MB]Run Search
Corkery, Daniel: The Hounds of Banba, 1920Open [9.8 MB]Run Search
Crawford, D.: Thinking Black, 22 Years without a Break in the Long Grass of Central Africa, 1912Open [36.3 MB]Run Search
Crawford, Dan: Back to the Long Grass, My Link with Livingstone, 1923Open [22.4 MB]Run Search
Czarnowski, S.: Le Culte des Héros et ses Conditions Sociales, Saint Patrick, Héros National de l'Irlande, 1919Open [20.8 MB]Run Search
Delafosse, Maurice: L'âme Nègre, 1922Open [7.7 MB]Run Search
Evans, Caradoc: My People, Stories of the Peasantry of West Wales, 1915Open [7.5 MB]Run Search
FitzGerald, Edward: Miscellanies, 1900Open [5.9 MB]Run Search
Fitzpatrick, Benedict: Ireland and the Making of Britain, 3rd ed., 1921Open [38.2 MB]Run Search
Flood, J.M.: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars, 1917Open [10.2 MB]Run Search
Gilbert, Bernard: Old England, A God's-Eye View of a Village, 1921Open [8.9 MB]Run Search
Gilbert, Bernard: King Lear at Hordle and Other Rural Plays, 1922Open [9.9 MB]Run Search
Gwynn, Stephen: Leinster, 1911Open [3.3 MB]Run Search
Gwynn, Stephen: Ulster, 1911Open [8.2 MB]Run Search
Gwynn, Stephen: Connaught, 1912Open [3.2 MB]Run Search
Gwynn, Stephen: Munster, 1912Open [7.9 MB]Run Search
Gwynn, Stephen: The History of Ireland, 1923Open [38.0 MB]Run Search
Haliday, Charles: The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin, 1881Open [36.0 MB]Run Search
Harris, Frank: Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions, 2 vols, 1918Run Search
      volume IOpen [27.0 MB]Run Search
      volume IIOpen [26.9 MB]Run Search
Henry, O.: The Four Million, 1906Open [11.7 MB]Run Search
Hughes, Rev. S.C.: The Pre-Victorian Drama in Dublin, 1904Open [9.2 MB]Run Search
Hunt, Rev. W.S.: India's Outcastes, A New Era, 1924Open [26.6 MB]Run Search
Jespersen, Otto: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin, 1922Open [38.8 MB]Run Search
Joyce, P.W.: English as We Speak It in Ireland, 1910Open [20.7 MB]Run Search
Key, Pierre V.R.: John McCormack, His Own Life Story, 1918Open [26.4 MB]Run Search
Kinane, Very Rev. Dean: St. Patrick, His Life, His Heroic Virtues, His Labours, and the Fruits of His Labours, 11th ed. (1890s)Open [14.2 MB]Run Search
Lamy, Thomas Josephus: Commentarium in Librum Geneseos, 2 vols, 1883-4Open [32.2 MB]Run Search
Lane-Poole, Stanley: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad, 1882Open [10.1 MB]Run Search
Lawless, Emily: The Story of Ireland, 1888Open [35.6 MB]Run Search
Lawrence, D.H.: Aaron's Rod, 1922Open [13.4 MB]Run Search
Le Rouzic, Z.: The Megalithic Monuments of Carnac and Locmariaquer, Their Purpose and Age, translated by W.M. Tapp, 1908Open [2.0 MB]Run Search
Levey, R.M. & O'Rorke, J.: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin, 1880Open [15.7 MB]Run Search
Macalister, R.A.S.: Temair Breg, A Study of the Remains and Traditions of Tara, in Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 34(100): 231-399, 1919Open [13.3 MB]Run Search
Mackirdy, Mrs. Archibald (Olive Christian Malvery) & Willis, W.N.: The White Slave Market, 3rd ed. (1910s)Open [35.2 MB]Run Search
Meillet, A. & Cohen, Marcel: Les Langues du Monde, par un groupe de linguistes sous la direction de, 1924Open [68.6 MB]Run Search
Molloy, J. Fitzgerald: The Romance of the Irish Stage, 2 vols, 1897Run Search
      volume IOpen [12.5 MB]Run Search
      volume IIOpen [11.5 MB]Run Search
Mordell, Albert: The Erotic Motive in Literature, 1919Open [10.0 MB]Run Search
O'Conor, Norreys Jephson: Battles and Enchantments, Retold from Early Gaelic Literature, 1922Open [2.8 MB]Run Search
O'Grady, Standish: Selected Essays and Passages, 1918Open [6.0 MB]Run Search
Rothschild, Arthur de: Histoire de la Poste aux Lettres depuis ses Origines les Plus Anciennes jusqu'à nos Jours, 2nd ed., 1873Open [4.9 MB]Run Search
Sabbathier, M.: Dictionnaire pour l'Intelligence des Auteurs Classiques, Grecs et Latins, Tant Sacrés Que Profanes, vol. 14, 1773Open [36.4 MB]Run Search
Sainéan, L.: La Langue de Rabelais, 2 vols, 1922Run Search
      volume IOpen [28.3 MB]Run Search
      volume IIOpen [31.6 MB]Run Search
Schuré, Édouard: Les Grandes Légendes de France, 1892Open [8.8 MB]Run Search
Sheed, F.J., ed.: The Irish Way, 1932Open [16.4 MB]Run Search
Swedenborg, Emanuel: Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and Concerning the Divine Wisdom, translated by Swedenborg Society, 1883Open [26.2 MB]Run Search
Walsh, A.: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period, 1922Open [5.2 MB]Run Search
Warburton, J., Whitelaw, Rev. J. & Walsh, Rev. Robert: History of the City of Dublin, 2 vols, 1818Run Search
      volume IOpen [46.9 MB]Run Search
      volume IIOpen [50.4 MB]Run Search
Young, Filson: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson, 1923Open [20.7 MB]Run Search

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